Technical data

Precigrader is based on the measurement of resonance frequencies, length and density. It has been designed to be robust, easy-to-use and for a wide range of grading applications.

The prerequisities are mainly the following 1):

  • Timber size and length:

Thickness: 19-110 mm, or 1″-5″

Width: 60-300 mm, or 3″-12″

Length: 1200-7200 mm, or 4-24ft

  • Sawn or planed (dressed) surface
  • Dried material, clear-cut to angle
  • Space needed: less than 2 meters of a lug-line
  • Grade, E-modulus, density and length are output via the RS232 interface or via TCP/IP.

More detailed information is offered for prospective clients. For contact info, please visit our contact page.

(1) Several standards include restrictions on size and length for various wood products. The length interval is limited by the range 4800 mm, or 16ft, i.e. 1200-6000 mm up to 2400-7200 mm, or 4-20ft up to 8-24ft in one set-up.

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