Densigrader gives an accurate bulk density of each passing lumber/timber piece up to 200 lpm. Weighter outputs the weight only. The systems are easily installed in transfer lines.

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Optimize drying of lumber/timber based on density separation.
Input to moisture meters for improved moisture measurement accuracy.
Other density grading needs, like for some carpentry components.

Densigrader delivers density, length, thickness and width for each passing board on a transfer line. Size and length measurments are options with the system and may also be imported. Weighter outputs weight only. Capacity up to 200 lpm.

  • Max chain speed up to 1,6 m / s
  • Separated pieces on a lugged chain
  • Space required: ~1200 mm (4 ft) of the transfer line
  • Density, length and size (or weight only) via RS232 and/or TCP/IP
  • Densigrader: accumulated results and statistics on screen and file
  • Accurate density measurement
  • Feeding up to 200 lpm
  • Moisture independent – bulk density
  • Sawn or planed material
  • Small footprint
  • Easy-to-use
  • Pure mechanical design
  • Passive components – little maintenance
  • Standard deviation within 3%