Technical data

The Dynagrade is based on the measurement of resonance frequencies and length. It has been designed to be robust, easy-to-use and for a wide range of grading applications.

The prerequisities are mainly the following 1):

  • Timber size and length:

Thickness 19-110 mm, or 1″-5″

Width 60-300 mm, or 3″-12″

Length 1200-7200 mm, or 4-24ft

  • Sawn or planed (dressed) surface
  • Dried material, clear-cut to angle
  • Space needed: less than 2 meters of a lug-line
  • Grade, indicating parameter and length are output via the RS232 interface or via TCP/IP.

More detailed information is offered to prospective clients. For contact info, please visit our contact page.

1) The length interval is limited by the range 4800 mm, or 16ft; i.e. 1200-6000 mm up to 2400-7200 mm or 4-20ft up to 8-24ft. Standards for machine grading may restrict size and length for various products and grades.

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