Dynagrade is approved according to:

  • The ALSC Machine Graded Lumber Policy (USA)
  • The CLSAB Policy for Lumber Grading Machine… (Canada)
  • EN 519 (Europe, allowed to use until 2007-08-31)
  • EN 14081 (Europe, allowed to use from 2006-09-01)
  • JAS (Japan; laminations)

Some typical grades available are:

  • North America: 1650, 2100,…
  • Europe: C16, C18, C24, TR26, C30, C35
  • Europe: LS11, LS15, …, LS26 (laminations)
  • Japan: L90, …, L125, …, L160 (laminations)

Patent related to the Dynagrade has been granted in these regions among others.

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