Machine strength grading with Dynagrade is a a cost-effective method to sort your wood products into defined timber or lumber grades.

Machine strength grading of dried timber or lumber can be done according to several product standards. Common commercial grades in Europe are the grades C18, C24 and C30 and in North America the MSR grades such as 1650 and 2100.

Fast and rational strength grading for cross cenveyor lines
The Dynagrade equipment for on-line strength grading of structural timber is easily installed in cross-conveyor lines. This enables the grading directly in a sorting mill or in a planer mill. Less than two meters of an existing cross conveyor line have to be allocated for the operation. The maximum capacity of 240 pieces per minute will meet the requirements of most prospective clients.

Simple working principle
A spring-loaded impact mechanism at the main unit is activated by the transverse movement of the timber. The vibration from a small impact on the timber end is captured by microphones. Simultaneously, the length is measured by the laser-based lenght-based measurement unit. The timber piece is supported by belt units during measurement.

The Dynagrade is compact, robust, easy-to-install and easy-to-use.
The use of dynamic parameters for the grading process is the key to the good repeatability. Typically, no re-setting is needed when cross sectional dimension is changed. The few moving parts, and the rugged design contribute to the typical low maintenance cost. The Dynagrade has proven its reliability in more than 120 sorting mills, planer mills and glulam factories. Patent related to the technique has been granted.

Wide acceptance
Dynagrade has been tested and verified by independent testing institutes. Dynagrade is approved according the European standard EN 14081 for machine strength grading of timber. The Dynagrade is approved according to standards for machine-graded structural timber in Europe, Canada and the USA. Dynagrade may further be used for the grading of glulam lamellas according to the European and the Japanese standards. Also, grading of MGP timber for the Australian market is done in Europe.

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